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tripod isn't the mightiest web host. so these files area all stored on another server. click on the song title to save it to your hard drive.

in the interest of full disclosure, I should add that no one has ever been able to download any of these songs except me. but do try, you may be lucky. will tell you everything you need to know to listen to these files. I sure can't.

I'm just trying to give you a place to live.

New Solo Stuff solo Highlights of the evening included Rich Walkling, half of the notorious Kingdom of Leisure. Rich is a very talented acoustic guitarist. He only did a few songs but he finished with a brand-new song that was masterpiece. It was beautifully haunting.

Coal Country
the first demo track of my new project 3000M. (3MB)
tKoL tkol An acquired taste but always interesting.

-the Washington Post

Isahiah Came Down From the Mountain
100% improvised garbage from our basement. Treated with a little "Goldwave" brand demoware production. (3.5MB)

Monkeyboy (1995-96) That's a Sweet Chemise, Luther
The hit single. (1MB)
Other No files yet.

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