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The word on the street is that the new Kingdom of Leisure album, One Fine Ride is in the mail and on the way to our place. So by the end of this week we should be able to start distributing them directly and through Washington area record stores and through the internet. We'll be selling individual tracks off the album through

If you want the full album, send a check for $10 to me at:

4212 E-W Hwy
Chevy Chase, MD

I wish that I could give them away but I've racked up the expenses to produce this and until we recoup, we're gonna have to charge. The first album is still available for $10 too.

Also, the Groundhog's Day letter is finally in the mail. If you want one and didn't get one, drop me a line at and I'll put one in the mail.

BIGGER NEWS! I got into Berkeley! I was accepted into their Masters of Landscape Architecture program. Landscape Architecture. As Christine says, it's a mighty auspicious word. But it's really an environmental planning program. And in truth, I'm going to study stream and river restoration. We're moving in July. We've (hopefully) got an apartment on Derby St. just a couple of blocks from campus. The album is still way behind schedule. Maybe April now.

BIG NEWS! We're postponing the wedding until we can do it really right and have a lot of fun. This spring is just too hectic. Also, there WILL be a Groundhog's Day Letter. It's my letter, I can send it whenever I please. On the music front, we're experiencing major complications in the production of One Fine Ride but it should be out in March sometime.

February is cake. Except that the Groundhog's Day letter will never be written this year. I have a new Favorite Band. Holiday Inn. From Charlottesville, VA. This is the last warm day of summer. After this, nothing but winter weather advisories.

The website is up. For what it's worth. The Groundhog's Day Letter is hopelessly late. And wedding plans have begun in earnest again. Happy February.
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